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Because you’ve read my previous comics, which include BLOOD MOON with Eisner award-winning artist John Pearson, HERETICS with 44FLOOD and ‘The Department of Truth’ co-creator Martin Simmonds, or LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI with Karen Yumi Lusted. Or maybe you’ve read RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE or KERRANG! interview me about my work. Or my monthly columns in STARBURST or SCREAM magazines.

I’m a writer based in Devon, UK, who has written about comics for leading magazines in the UK and the US, as well as collaborating on comic-book inspired projects with members of bands including MEGADETH, HARLEY POE and FOR THE WOLF.

I love horror, punk-rock, transgressive fiction and the Romantics. If you love independent dark art, sign up to IF YOU GO AWAY for updates on projects that I’m writing, projects that fell apart and other dark art that I recommend.

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Writer. Published in Heavy Metal, Kerrang!, The Times Literary Supplement, Rue Morgue, Starburst & SCREAM Horror Magazine. Loves horror-punk & the Romantics.